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About the firm

About the firm
Rikk Law Firm is a collection of services that offer quick and efficient resolution to legal difficulties of all degrees. We have already completed more than 40 projects for the acquisition of ready-made firms, banks, and gaming licenses as well as attracting investments totaling more than $ 5 million after many years of expertise and a team of the best specialists.
Rikk's main responsibility is to deliver excellent service to each customer. That is why, when evaluating a new business, we always look at the specifics of the company and provide qualitatively new legal ideas based on the company's particularity.
Rikk's main advantages are:
Years of experience and international practice
Rikk's staff are seasoned professionals with vast international expertise who know exactly how to handle your legal difficulties. Rikk employees go on annual refresher programs in foreign countries, as well as attend international conferences and exhibitions, in order to build new strong relationships around the world.
Individual approach
Rikk is a one-stop shop for legal services for businesses. Our specialists and worldwide partners will be able to select the finest solution for your problem.
Specialization in specific areas
The Rikk company's main appeal is that we are specialists in particular fields and do not spread ourselves out. Our efforts and connections are focused on the areas of business in which we operate, and we assist our customers in the best possible manner to solve their problems.
Affordable pricing policy

We appreciate the time and money of our Customers. That is why we offer a limited variety of legal services at reasonable costs. As a result, you will get a financially affordable and lawfully correct solution for any issue complexity with the Rikk team.

You may get international business advice right now. To accomplish this, simply call one of our Rikk experts. We will advise you on the best range of legal services based on the demands you've set and the sort of your activity.

Rikk is a one-stop shop for non-standard legal issues in the corporate sector, offering a warranty of excellence."

Our values
This is a critical value for our firm. Our top priorities are the trust between Rikk and the Client, as well as team members' trust in each other, which aids in the development of client relationships.

We can give our very best to solve your problem since we only know all of the specifics about it."
Don't sell "Pig in a Poke"
Our clients must know what they buy and why.
Client for life
We want you to know that we are committed to ensuring that once you have tried our services, you will not wish to consider alternative options.

Vladislav Yarovoy
Company founder
No matter how difficult the task, Rikk will find a solution.

  • Acquisition of a ready-made business, a bank, a payment system, a licensed iGaming company and other services to speed up the launch of your business;
  • Obtaining turnkey iGaming licenses in various jurisdictions (Curaçao, Malta, Romania, Greece, Germany, South Caucasus, Africa, Georgia, etc.);
  • Attracting investments and turning liquid capital into a ready-made business or start-up.
About our company and core principles
Social responsibility
We truly hope that there will be many more excellent businesses. As a result, we offer free consultations to all startups.

Our goal is to help
We provide the most complex and critical legal issues with services that are tailored to your company's specific needs. Our objective is to see your business operate effectively while allowing you to sleep well at night.
We have a team of experts on staff to handle any situation.
Managing partner
Nikolai Vdovichenko
Legal Advisor
Oksana Kosenko
Natalia Babenko
We are continuously developing ourselves, improving our abilities, and broadening our experience.
Our staff regularly participates in thematic worldwide conferences and seminars:
Please contact us in any manner that is convenient for you.
If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We will respond to you as soon as possible.
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